Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones


113 min.

Actors: Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens, David Harbor

Director: Scott Frank



Overview – 3.0

After the disappearance and brutal murder of a drug dealer’s wife happens, the ex-cop turned private investigator, Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson) is brought in for the job. Through the investigation, he learns that the people who kidnapped and murdered this woman have done this multiple times, each in a more sick and twisted way than the last. Once they have kidnapped the daughter of one of the drug dealers in New York, Scudder takes action to put an end to the madness by taking a walk among the tombstones of the cemetery they arranged a meeting at for a ransom swap, and also the tombstones of his past to deal with the skeletons in his closet and set things right.

Positive Content – 30%

Unless I missed it in the two hour plot, I couldn’t even find a good positive theme in this movie. I guess the desire for justice, and the aid to bring justice to those who need it could be as far as I could stretch this one.

Questionable Content  – 0%

There was a wide range of questionable content seeing as it is an R rated movie about finding twisted murderers. The range shifts from the violence and disturbing images to the terrible language and much more.

Sexual Content  – 0%

There were a few scenes that contained brief nudity, and a couple paintings of nude women.

Drug & Alcohol Content  – 0%

There was quite a lot of alcohol use, and a lot of drug presence. I lost count of how much there was.

Profane Language  0%

Ba—-rd – 1

D-mn – 1

Bi-ch – 3

A– – 7

A- Hole -1

Sh-t – 17

H-ll – 1

F- 34

Cu-t -1

Co-k -1


As a Christian, I could not enjoy this movie for all of the immoral, and twisted things in this movie. This is besides the insane amount of foul language. Even if I weren’t a Christian, I still wouldn’t have enjoyed this movie. The plot was way too slow in development to me, and for about thirty minutes, I was lulled into a bored stupor. The story had some holes in it to me, and it was just a bizarre movie. An actual walk among the tombstones might have been more entertaining to me than this movie was. I can’t give this a good review at all because I didn’t really enjoy any of this movie, and it’s cup overflows with things that Christians don’t need to be seeing. My advice is to not waste your time with this movie.

Review By: Wesley Storks

The thoughts, language, or beliefs of individuals portrayed or involved in the making of this movie do not reflect the beliefs of Strong Church team members or the site itself.  We do not condone any unbiblical teachings, worldly ideals, or unsavory images depicted that may or may not have been in this film.  

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Questionable Content
Sexual Content
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