3 Reasons to Read "Derision of Heaven"

Next Tuesday, September 3rd, is the OFFICIAL release date of my latest book, The Derision of Heaven: A Guide to Daniel. It clocked in at 10 chapters and 204 pages. Several reviews have already been to the book's Amazon page. I'm grateful for all the support I've received while working on this book. At the risk of sounding biased, I want to share with you 3 reasons why reading this book and studying the Book of Daniel is a MUST for Christians RIGHT NOW!

1. An Urgent Manifesto for the Exiled Church

For a long time, Christianity has enjoyed unprecedented power in this country. But now the church is under attack. Just last week, a church near Chattanooga was castigated by the media for exercising church discipline. How will we respond to the present hostility? In the Foreword, best-selling author F. LaGard Smith calls The Derision of Heaven a "challenge to the church to see Daniel as a must-read for Christians who are now facing the imminent prospect of spiritual exile in our own homelands." While studying Daniel, you will discover why conviction, not compromise, is the path back to relevancy in our culture.

2. A Realignment of Kingdom Priorities

For years, we have thanked God for our religious freedoms. No one likes persecution, but God may intend the growing crisis to realign our priorities. The church will never regain her influence through political clout, social media rants, or scary forwarded emails. Some of us have forgotten the virtues of love, civility, and self-control. Daniel's gentle and respectful spirit models how God uses "the foolish and weak" to shame the wise and strong of this world. In addition, being the majority for so long may have distracted us from our Father's business—many Christians are more passionate about the Constitution and political/social issues than they are the Gospel. The Derision of Heaven and the book of Daniel will help us rediscover the real priorities of the Kingdom of God.

3. A Call to Worship before God's Throne

More than anything, this book will bring you to your knees in worship before the God of heaven. As I studied it, the book of Daniel reminded me that God is always in control, that he has promised to vindicate his saints, and that he will never abandon us. Reading passages like Daniel 7:13–14 left me breathlessly praising Jesus and the church he established—an unshakeable, eternal Kingdom he now invites us to join. Even the strange visions of Daniel 7–12 left me longing for that Great Day when everyone bows before King Jesus and confesses him as Lord.

Early Praise for the Book:

I can absolutely recommend Derision to you as a high-quality guide to Daniel. I hope that it causes a much-neglected book to recapture a place in pulpits, classrooms, and homes. Thank you, Michael!

If you want to understand Daniel in both its original context and what it means for today then this book is a must read. I urge you to buy one copy for yourself and another for someone else.

On the eve of the 2012 presidential election, my wife and I learned we were having a boy. I was thereby inspired to write this book because we knew we would name him "Daniel." Since he was born, I've thought about the kind of world he will live in and the life he will lead. My prayer for my son is that he will never forget three truths that were impressed upon me while working on this project. Whenever I spend time alone with little Daniel Isaac, I whisper these three things to him: "Daddy loves you. Don't fear the beast. Kiss the Son." As you study the book of Daniel and read The Derision of Heaven, I pray the same for you, that you will fall to your knees in worship to the Son, that your fear of the Evil One is replaced with an abiding faith, and that you will glory in your Father's love for you.

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