3 Reasons You Should Use Printed Material in Bible Class

As many of you know, Start2Finish is releasing a new line of adult Bible class curriculum next month. I'm excited about the potential this material has to bless the church. Whether or not you currently use print material in your adult classes, I'd like to share with you some of those benefits.

1. Print material provides STRUCTURE.

In my dad's ministry, he would often begin his Bible class teaching at a new congregation by focusing on either the Life of Christ or the Book or Revelation. These are both very worthwhile studies. But the problem is that his Life of Christ study would take 3-4 years, and Revelation would require 2!

One of my college professors used to joke that a church would take 2 years to study Acts in Bible class. When they finished, they'd poll the class and say, "It's been a while since we studied Matthew." So they'd study Matthew for 2 years. When they finished, they'd poll the class again and say, "It's been a while since we studied Acts!"

Using print material ensures that class topics are appropriately diverse and that students have an opportunity to grow in as many areas of their faith as possible. Without print material, there isn't much of a structure in place in a church's education ministry.

Similar to the "structure" effect, print material offers churches a system that can be trusted. Some teachers may not feel adequately trained or equipped to teach, but others are simply not dedicated to the task of lesson preparation. While no line of print Bible class material can make up for pure laziness, it does offer churches a trusted system of spiritual instruction, as well as teachers a way to grow in their talents.

2. Print material provides SECURITY.

We don't do enough to train properly our adult Bible class teachers (and this is something Start2Finish is working to rectify!). Some potential teachers may believe they are unfit to teach because they simply don't have the time to develop their own lessons from scratch adequately.

Using print material, however, provides a secure "safety net" or "launching point." Teachers are free to use as much or as little of the book as they want. But they always have a wealth of material at their hands that can be adapted to the students in their class. In short, print material in a Bible class will inspire more Christians to teach.

3. Print material provides STRENGTH.

By that, I mean that print material for every class participant allows students to take the lesson home with them. Print material makes the students (and thus the church) spiritually stronger. Studying a class lesson before and after reinforces the lesson's principles to the student. It also gives parents a way to set a good example for their children, an example that underscores the importance of regular private Bible study, instead of relegating it to Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

When churches do NOT provide print material for their students, they limit the shelf-life or longevity of a lesson. I still have study books given to me at church camp as a child that have proven very beneficial to me 15-20 years later.

In August, Start2Finish will release THREE new Bible studies:

In November, we will release

Other studies, especially topical studies, are in the works.

Let me encourage you to give Start2Finish Bible Studies a try. They are guaranteed to be trusted, engaging, and convicting. All of them are based on the English Standard Version, and many come with PowerPoint presentations for each lesson, adding to the value of this material.

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