A Letter to Little Man

littlemanLittle Man, Today is April 15, 2013. You are two days shy of being 4 weeks old.

A terrible thing happened today. The Boston Marathon is among the most historic sporting events in the world. Runners from all over the globe assemble in Boston on this special Monday every year to compete. And like all the Boston Marathons before this one, there was a lot of excitement as runners crossed the finish line. But then two explosions occured that injured and killed many people. This terrible thing was the work of terrorists, people that do not love others, but only want to seem them hurt or dead.

Little Man, people in this world can do terrible things. Your mommy and I will do everything we can to keep you safe, to protect you from bad things and bad people. But we can only do so much. One day, you will be beyond our ability to protect.

But you will never be beyond God's ability to protect. I want you to remember that there is a lot of evil in this world. But God is bigger than all of it. Sometimes, for reason I don't fully understand, God allows bad things to happen. But he has promised us in the Bible that nothing can happen that he cannot use for his glory and our good.

When bad things happen, I want you to first pray for those affected. Pray that God blesses them and their families, that he wraps his arms of love around them. Pray that God forgive whoever is guilty. But then I want you to do what you can to help the victims. If people around you doubt the goodness of God because a bad thing has happened, I want them to be able to look at you and have their faith in God's goodness restored.

As for you, it's OK to cry when bad things happen. I'm crying right now. Never allow your heart to become so hard that it cannot ache when others hurt. But instead of responding in anger, bitterness, or resentment, say and do whatever spreads God's love. And pray. A lot. Pray for Jesus to come soon. Because when Jesus comes again, we get to go to heaven. Heaven is a wonderful place where there are no bad people or bad things. Nothing bad happens in heaven because God is there.

I love you, Little Man. Forever and always, I love you. And God loves you more than I do. Never forget that.


— Daddy

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