A Prayer Request

handsThis morning, I'm in New Mexico on a week-long retreat to finish up the manuscript of my next book, "The Derision of Heaven: A Guide to Daniel." I'd like to eagerly solicit your prayers on my behalf, specifically that God will bless me with insight, focus, and creativity. Much work has been done, but much more remains to be done to see this book through to its successful completion. I will not succeed unless I have God's blessing and your prayers. One of the more well-known scenes in Daniel is when the prophet exhibited his faithfulness in prayer by continuing to pray three times daily, though the act had been made illegal for a time (Dan. 6:10). Earlier in the book, Daniel in prayer proclaimed that God alone gives wisdom and knowledge and can reveal deep, hidden things (Dan. 2:21-22).

Would you commit to praying for me this week? Would you pray for me multiple times throughout the day? When you rise, when you eat, and before you fall asleep at night? Would you pray that God will mercifully grant me knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about deep, hidden things? I'd be so grateful. I believe that the prayers of the righteous are very effective (James 5:16).

Brothers, pray for us. (1 Thess. 5:25)

--Update, Monday at 8 pm Central Time--

My goal today was 5,000 words, and I have surpassed that significantly. I have experienced the fruit of your prayers; I am grateful for them and beg you to continue them. I leave you with this gem of a quote from Bro. Homer Hailey in his comments on Daniel 3. "We know not when, nor what will be the nature of God's judgment on our nation; but knowing the nature and character of God, we believe His judgment is inevitable. In the midst of such judgments, saints of God need encouragement, and the book of Daniel provides that encouragement since it was written during such a time."

--Update, Tuesday at 7:15 pm Central Time--

Another 6,600+ words written today. "Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might" (Daniel 2:20).

Another gem from Homer Hailey: "In the midst of any judgment of our nation, be assured that its destiny rests in the hands of God. If it is unfit to live longer, He will judge this nation and bring it to an end. But if its people repent and turn to Him, the nation will continue. But whether it repents and continues as a nation, or is destroyed, our consolation is that His kingdom will never be destroyed." Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!