The Blessing of Books4Life

Editor’s Note: During the month of August, Start2Finish Books is making a strong push to increase our Books4Life Club membership. Adam Richardson, preacher for the Petersville Church of Christ near Florence, AL, is one of our members. Adam uses his membership in a unique way, and I wanted him to share that with you. Thanks to Adam for being a Books4Life member and for his support of Start2Finish Books! - mcw I joined the Books4Life Club because I believe what Michael Whitworth is trying to do through Start2Finish Books will still be positively impacting the Kingdom of Heaven 25 years from now and later. To be able to get in "on the ground floor" of this work feels like being on a surfboard as it surges to the top of a huge wave, full of power and motion. Even the best sermon is limited to the scope of the audience to which it is delivered, but the wonder of the written word is that it can continue to spread a message long after the echoes of the spoken word have fallen into the sounds of silence.

I have already benefitted personally from being the recipient of Michael’s work. Having access to the tremendous research that goes into each of his guides provides perspectives I can’t get elsewhere. He has a great way of boiling all that information down to its meatiest morsels—purging away all the frivolous bits of jargon and hearsay until what is left is a truly useful message that changes lives. By nature, I'm a summary kind of guy—I regularly read books, both new and old, and create a review for my personal reflection to remind me down the road what I found to be the most useful portions of that book at the time. Knowing that, over time, there will be sound, relevant, and engaging material on each book of the Bible readily available from Start2Finish Books in multiple formats is very exciting.

Personal benefits aside, I have found a fascinating opportunity from receiving both the printed and digital copy of each book. Every young (and old!) preacher knows the joy of receiving a new book for his library. I try to take books that have been useful to me and give them away, or look for good material to share with younger ministers that might strengthen and encourage their work. Being a member of Books4Life allows me to have a digital copy of the book on every electronic device I own, and then I can make a gift of the printed version to someone else. It felt great to take a copy of Fit for the Pulpit to the African country of Chad and share some of the wisdom found therein with the preachers who traveled hundreds of miles (15 of them in the back of a single pick-up truck!) to encourage one another. In this way, I feel like a more direct partner in the mission of Start2Finish Books to spread the essential truth of God’s Word and help others be more like Jesus.

The future looks very bright to me because of what I hope God will continue to do through Start2Finish books. I’m glad to be on the receiving end of those blessings, and happy to do anything I can to help spread them to others. Being a part of the Books4Life program accomplishes both of those goals, and I’m glad to count Michael as a friend (even if he is irrevocably entrenched in the Apple universe!).

— Adam Richardson

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