To BooBoo, From Daddy, With Love

My dearest BooBoo, It's been over five months since you went to be with Jesus. And there hasn't been a single moment since then when you haven't been on my mind. Mommy and I are so sad that you're not here with us anymore. Our hearts hurt because we loved you so so much. You taught us so much about love and joy and courage.

BooBoo, Mommy and I could not have asked for a better son. You were sweet and kind and funny. You loved to read; that made us so happy. You sang silly songs; that made us so happy. You danced; you laughed; you loved Jesus. That made us happy most of all.

Baby Sissy misses you. She loves you so much. And it was so obvious to everyone that you loved her too. Whenever she sees your picture around the house, she shrieks with joy and says "Bubby!" over and over. When she gets fussy, Mommy lets her watch videos of you doing silly things. That always helps her calm down. You bring a lot of peace and joy to your baby sissy, even now.

Mommy misses you most. Your mommy loved you, BooBoo. And it was so obvious to everyone that you loved her too. Daddy loves Mommy just as much as Daddy loves you, and it hurts Daddy so much that I can't take away Mommy's pain. But Mommy is a strong woman, and she's determined to do whatever is necessary to get herself, Baby Sissy, and Daddy to heaven so we can see you again.

BooBoo, while you were alive, Daddy thought that God wanted me to teach you a bunch of important lessons. And I tried to do that as best I could. But on the day you died, I realized God had been using YOU to teach DADDY a bunch of lessons while you were alive. And God has been teaching Daddy a bunch of lessons while you've also been gone.

The lesson that Daddy learned today was that, even when things seem so hopeless; even when the dark night of the soul seems its blackest, God is still at work, seeking ways to bring us joy. Always and forever, God is plotting and scheming for our joy.

Today, on the playground at preschool, a place you loved so very much, your friend Elijah ran over to Daddy and gave him a hug. It was very sweet of Elijah to do that. He is as sweet a little boy as you were, BooBoo. But for a fleeting second, Daddy thought he felt YOU giving him a hug. It was as if Jesus pulled back the curtain of eternity and allowed my precious son to embrace his daddy one more time. And it made Daddy's day.

I don't know if that's what really happened, or if Daddy just imagined that. Daddy's not sure of a lot of things these days. See if you can get an answer from Jesus on that for me. But in the meantime, know that Jesus is taking care of Mommy and Daddy. That's one thing Daddy is most sure of. You made a lot of friends while you were on earth, BooBoo, and Jesus is using those same friends to take care of Mommy and Daddy. We miss you. We love you. We hurt so bad. But Jesus loves all the children of the world, BooBoo. Even the grown ones. And that's why we're confident we'll see you again one day.

I'll love you forever; I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my BooBoo you'll be.