Don't Misplace Your Trust!

Since Friday, there has been a lot of chatter on a host of topics that are claimed to be related to the school shooting in Newtown, CT. Gun control—should we have less, even going to the extreme of arming teachers? Should we have more, going to the extreme of banning all guns? Homeschooling (and for the record, I was homeschooled)—must parents homeschool their kids if they really love them? Is a failure to do so a moral or spiritual failure on the parents’ part?

Mental illness—shouldn’t there be a more aggressive program to keep “crazies” (a word I abhor, by the way) away from places where they could inflict a lot of damage? Shouldn’t we lock more people up for the good of society?

There are other issues, but you get the idea. I’d like to humbly voice a word of caution this morning, a word that I hope you remember the next time something tragic happens, a point you remember when the TV talking heads and self-proclaimed “experts” on Facebook and Twitter start speculating on what we should do to prevent the next tragedy. I want you to remember this:

We all put our hope/trust in something in an effort to survive/escape this world. Exercise. Eating right. Concealed carry. Larger, safer cars. We do the same for our kids. Plastic plugs for electric outlets. Narrower slats on the crib. Better car seats. Homeschooling. But be very careful, lest you misplace a hope and trust that belongs to the Lord alone.

I am not saying that exercise, gun ownership, or homeschooling are wrong intrinsically. But the Bible, time and again, warns us that those who trust in man are under God’s curse (e.g. Jer 17:5). “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” (Psa 20:7). It is foolish to trust in anything or anyone other than God to preserve or save us. Packing a gun or homeschooling your children for the wrong reasons carries with it an enormous spiritual cost.

You may live a long, blessed life, but only because of God’s grace. Your children, I pray, may live long, blessed lives, but only because of God’s grace. Diet, carry your gun, and homeschool your kids. X-ray every piece of their Halloween candy for poison and never, ever let them talk to a heathen child from the public schools. But the only thing you or I have any business hoping/trusting in is the salvation found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, I pray that you will help us trust you more. Help us to realize that trusting in anything else to preserve or save us, or to give our children a brighter future—help us to realize that these are distractions from the devil. May you painfully remove from our lives all things that we have enthroned above you. May we live and die with our faith solely in you. And may your praises be forever on our lips. In Jesus’ name.

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