The Epic of God in Bible Class

Editor’s Note: In its infancy, The Epic of God was intended to be Bible class curriculum on Genesis. Naturally, I’ve been greatly encouraged to see churches wanting to study Genesis and use The Epic of God as a companion or guide. Lennie Reagan, minister for the Oak Forest Church of Christ in Goldsboro, NC, recently used The Epic of God in his Sunday morning Bible class and the church saw very positive results. At my request, he shares his story below. Thanks, Lennie, for your support of Start2Finish Books! — mcw It is a tremendous pleasure for a gospel preacher to see the expression on the face of his students when he/she “gets it!” Understanding what had once seemed so far and unobtainable had now come within the grasp of realization and application. What an intense joy! I have seen that expression many times in one of our young adult Bible classes using The Epic of God: A Guide to Genesis written by Michael Whitworth.

The class began as we do with just about every class. The title and book were announced, and we started the class with the usual participants. However, after the first class, I began to get requests to purchase more books, and within two weeks, the class jumped in attendance. The reason? My great teaching skills! Oh, you don’t buy that? The reason every new student gave was because of the excitement generated by The Epic of God.

the-epic-of-god-1If you have not read The Epic of God, you may not understand this statement. So, your first assignment is to stop reading right now and order The Epic of God from your favorite bookstore or from Michael. You have the option of reading almost instantly if you choose the eBook. When you have finished the book, come back and read this next statement, and you will understand. Reading The Epic of God and everything else Michael has written is like having a conversation with your best buddy while enjoying a great cup of coffee. It you don’t drink coffee, repent.

The Epic of God is an exquisite read, and in just a few minutes, you realize you are learning something you never realized from the text. And the “lights of understanding and learning” come on. As a teacher/preacher, I deeply desire my students to absorb the Word of God in their heart and apply it in their lives. They need to grow personally and not be dependent on me, the elders, a commentary, or any other source than the Word of God. That journey was achieved as we studied through the Bible and The Epic of God.

The Epic of God provides another benefit. The “Talking Points” in each section proffer current, up to date, real life applications. Making application of the text is sometimes a difficult chore, but the discussion generated in a class setting using the points Michael provides helps us understand how it relates to our lives.

I have witnessed growth, commitment, repentance, and increased attendance as a result of that class. Did all of that come just from The Epic of God? No, it came from the power of the Word of God, which was opened to us through The Epic of God. I am grateful to my God for the inspired and inerrant Word. Thank you, Michael, for leading us in a deeper study of His perfect Word.

— Lennie Reagan

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