Facebook Isn't the Problem

Recently, while reading a book about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, I came across a quote that I couldn't get out of my mind. It was a quote that Zuckerberg made about Facebook's primary mission. In it, he said that Facebook existed to promote greater transparency and connection in the world. My mind couldn't turn loose of the word "transparency." Over the last few days, in light of Charleston, then the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare, then the subsequent ruling on gay marriage, Facebook has been aflame with a lot of negativity. This, understandably, wears on people, prompting them to bemoan that they wish they weren't on Facebook.

I will confess that I often feel like there is little redeemable content on Facebook. Were it not for the fact that much of Start2Finish's traffic comes from Zuckerburg's creation, I wouldn't be on it myself.

But if we are all honest, we know that Facebook isn't the problem. We are. Again, Zuckerburg's quote arrested me, particularly the word "transparency." At the end of the day, we achieve nothing in blaming Facebook for the negativity in the world; it is only a reflection of what is in our collective hearts. Facebook isn't the problem; we are. Facebook doesn't sin; we do. Facebook merely gives a platform to the nasty junk that is in our hearts.

Had the conversation in Matt. 15/Mark 7 taken place in our day, I imagine the Pharisees would have complained about what Jesus' apostles might have been posting on their Facebook feeds. But Jesus would have reminded the Pharisees that what matters more than what goes on our Facebook wall is what enters our hearts.

Facebook isn't the problem; we are. I know you are frustrated about the negativity on Facebook, and so am I. But perhaps instead of blaming Zuckerberg, we should exercise greater caution about what enters our heart. Instead of seeking further ways to break the internet, why not join Start2Finish in redeeming it and subjecting it to Christ.

What if Facebook became a global platform where Christ was glorified in all things? Outlandish notion? Perhaps. But Facebook is only a reflection of what is in our heart. And world-change always starts with you and me.

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