The Power of Personal Touch

et-finger1From the direction our world is trending, we are losing a sense of the power of personal touch. I love social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and I try to wield it positively as much as possible. But the dark side of social media is that it can isolate us from the power of face-to-face encounters. A rule that my awesome wife Skippy DIL made about two years ago was no iPhone when we were eating. When she and I would share a meal together, I had unknowingly developed a terrible habit of focusing more on my gadget than on her. Lately, some of my endeavors have required me to utilize (and thus rediscover) the power of personal touch. My struggle with Asperger’s tends to make me want to isolate myself, and my recent endeavors have helped bring me out of that shell.

In the world of marketing, things like email and direct mail campaigns are popular, but they seldom see any decent return on the effort and investment (email is cheap, postage aint). The reason? They lack personal touch. As time goes by, I really believe that the marketers who will succeed the most will be those who understand and utilize the power of personal touch.

This has great implications for ministry and church work. The temptation NOT to add a personal touch to things is strong because it represents the easy way, the path of least resistance, the one with fewest demands on our resources. But whenever we reach someone with a personal touch, the impact can be quite powerful.

In the congregation where I minister, there is a couple who had attended for quite some time, but had never placed membership. Recently, she had surgery. The congregation was very generous in reaching out to her and her husband with a personal touch. Calls, visits, meals, etc. I went with one of the men of the congregation to visit them. I could tell that they both appreciated our spending time with them. Through the collective efforts of my brethren, as well as the Lord’s blessing, this couple placed membership with us recently.

I wonder: If it had not been for the power of personal touch from so many, would this couple have ever identified with the Lord’s body in Bowie?

Whether or not you are in ministry, I’m willing to suggest there is someone who could use a personal touch in your life. A call. A card that is actually hand-written and mailed. A personal visit. A small act of kindnesses that communicates your love, affection, and gratitude.

Perhaps that person of whom you are thinking right now is struggling in some way. Physically due to illness. Spiritually due to sin. Emotionally due to stress. Whatever the case might be, share with them the power of personal touch. Allow yourself to be an instrument of Jesus’ love. In doing so, you and they will both be one step closer to becoming more like Jesus—transformed from start 2 finish!

How have you experienced the power of personal touch in your life? Share your experiences below in the comments section.

Father, bring to our attention those in our lives who need a personal touch from you, and help us to be the instrument in your hand, the conduit and channel of that touch. As the trends of our day isolate some of us from others, continue to work to bring us out of our shells and in contact with those who need to know you. Never give up on us, your people. Forgive us when we fail you, for our sin is great, yet your mercy is greater. In Jesus’ name.