Two Years

Two years ago, there was not a lot of things going right in my life. I was unemployed, and so was Sara. In my particular case, there were no promising possibilities. In fact, I was 70-80% certain that I would have to leave local ministry for a time. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to provide for my family as I had been able to in the past. Like many others in similar situations, I thought God was punishing me for some sin. As you can imagine, all of this stress was beginning to take its toll on my marriage. Sara and I were fighting more often, and I blamed it at the time on our unemployment and uncertain future. But, as it turned out, there was another reason... Two years ago this weekend, we found out we were pregnant with Daniel. Of all the things we had planned for the future, having a baby wasn't one of them. To break the news to me, Sara bought a card and bag of M&Ms (to put me in a good mood). I remember staring at the card for a long time; I must have had an odd expression on my face, because when Sara asked if I was OK, all I said in response was "I'm not mad......"

Little did I know that God was not against me, nor was he punishing me. He had not abandoned or forsaken me. In an odd way, learning that Sara and I were expecting assured me that things would somehow work out.

Little did I know that I was only months away from publishing a five-year-long project and launching my own publishing company at the same time. Little did I know that, two years later, I would be on the cusp of publishing my fifth book in that series, and my seventh book overall.

Little did I know that God was orchestrating events to bring my family to Bowie. Little did I know that I would soon begin preaching for and ministering to a church family that has loved and supported me far beyond what I deserve.

Little did I know that God would bless Sara and me with a healthy and absolutely hilarious baby boy named Daniel Isaac. My son has brought me more joy than I thought possible. I love him so much, and it has been exciting to see him grow and discover the world.

Providence is an odd thing. Just when you think that God has stopped working on your behalf, something happens to humble you and convict you that you have been on the Lord’s mind all along. Two years ago, learning that Sara was pregnant did just that.

Are you struggling? Is your life a mess right now? Feel like you can't catch a break, that nothing is in your favor? Are you beginning to believe that God has abandoned or forsaken you, that perhaps he is punishing you for some reason?

My prayer for you today is that God will strengthen and comfort you in your pain, and that you will thereby be reassured of his love and concern for you. God has not forgotten you. You are on his mind. In fact, he might be in the process of doing something incredible on your behalf.

Who knows the story you'll tell two years from today?

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