Two Years...

This weekend is very special. Two years ago Sunday, The Epic of God: A Guide to Genesis was published. Over 4,000 copies are now in print—a modest number, I know, but it has far exceeded my expectations. For that, I am very grateful.

I began work on "Epic" in March 2008. At the time, I had the very ambitious plan of studying my way through the entire Bible, one book at a time, and writing on each book as I made my journey through the text.

Then life happened. I moved to Texas two months later. I got married less than a year after that. I moved again. And again. In late 2011, nearly four years after starting the project, I dug the files and notes out and resolved to finish it once and for all.

Then I was fired, and I descended into a black hole of self-pity, fear, and bitterness. I knew I needed something to occupy my time lest I be driven insane by idleness and boredom. In many ways, finishing up the manuscript of The Epic of God saved my life—and more importantly, my faith.

With its publication, I launched Start2Finish. Some have asked me why I self-published instead of submitting the manuscript to other places. The answer is simple. The book wasn't 13 chapters, which seems to be the magic number for publishing a book about the Bible. But have you tried to cram Genesis into 13 chapters? I did well to force it into 15. The other part of the answer is that I would have been forced to cut out much of the content I believed to be absolutely necessary to make the book special. For one, my jokes and sarcastic remarks would not have survived an editor's pen.

The Epic of God is in no way perfect. I know that. But it will always have a very special place in my heart. It's success motivated me to write similar guides to Daniel, Thessalonians, Obadiah, and Ruth (as well as forthcoming volumes on Jonah and Kings).

But something else happened along the way. Because of the launch of Start2Finish, I began publishing other writers' material also. By mid-2015, we will have about 20 books in print and more on the way. For that, I give a lot of thanksgiving to God.

Many of you already know the story of The Epic of God, but you might not know what prompted me to launch my own publishing company with it. Here's why: I had to. I had no choice. Because of my Aspergers, it is painfully difficult to advertise or promote myself—believe it or not. But I knew I could promote a company I believed in, hence Start2Finish.

For a long time, Start2Finish was just me. I joked that I was the owner, writer, and janitor at Start2Finish. But now several others have joined me in this exciting venture, and I'm so grateful to have their talents and support.

As we close out a very successful 2014, we are also prayerful about all God has in store for us in 2015. We invite you to be prayerful with us. Our goal is nothing short of growing as a trusted, engaging, convicting source of quality resources for God's people. We want to deepen faith in the Father and draw hearts closer to Jesus. I'd so appreciate your prayers in this endeavor. Together, we want to labor tirelessly to bring God a lot of glory in the new year.

After all, some have not yet heard the epic of God.

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