Why Christians Need to Talk About How Fantastic Sex Is

When was the last time you heard a preacher or Bible class teacher talk about sex? What was the context of the discussion? David and Bathsheba? Jesus’ discussion of lust in the Sermon on the Mount? When was the last time you actually heard a sermon, class, devotional, or just talked to your children positively about sex?

Chances are pretty good that you haven’t had a positive discussion about it at church in a long time, if ever. If I had to guess I’d say that the biggest reason for that is not the awkwardness of the subject, but the need we feel to combat what we see in society. In our society, sex permeates everything. Businesses use sex to sell their products, people are told to dress and be sexy, teens are encouraged to engage in sex with those they are attracted to regardless of gender, and porn is a secret mainstay in the homes of many.

Our culture has twisted sex to be something very different than what God created it to be. As a result, I think we often feel the need to address those perversions and talk about why they’re wrong.  Should we do that? Absolutely! As the “light of the world” we have the responsibility to expose the evils that lie within the darkness (Mt. 5:14; Eph. 5:11), but that isn’t our only responsibility.

As lights, Christians not only expose evil, they also illuminate the pathway to something, and Someone, better. It’s proper to tear down the false idols of sex that the world has built up, but tearing down the false idols is only the first half of the job. After the idols of falsehood are torn down, truth must be elevated. When it’s not, we leave others with the knowledge of what’s wrong, and no information as to what is right.

People need to know that a lot of what sex is portrayed as today is wrong, but they also need to know why, and they need to know what way is best. They need to hear that sex is a gift God created for mankind. They need to know the benefits of sex within a committed, marital relationship. They need to hear what the Bible positively says about sex. They need to know why God’s plan for sex is best.

If we want to change how sex is talked about and practiced within the culture we have to do more than just combat false views, we have to teach others God’s purpose for sex, and why His way is the best way. The next time you (preacher, teacher, parent, etc.) talk about the evils of pornography and lust, be sure to talk about God’s plan for sex, and why His plan makes sex fantastic.

Jack Dodgen is an associate minister in Mannford, OK where he lives with his beautiful wife, Anna, and adorable son, Luke. He is also a Bible student, avid blogger, basketball aficionado, and music junkie.

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    Anonymous October 10, 2016 at 12:20 am

    So glad to hear this. I want to marry my boyfriend not just because of sex but because I love him and want to share my life with my best friend!

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