Five Minutes with God

About the Author


Rusty Hills lives in Huntsville, Alabama and preaches for the Chase Park Church of Christ. He holds a Masters degree from Freed-Hardeman University. He and his wife Andrea have three children: Tyler, Ashley, and Ally. In his free time, Rusty enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and watching or participating in sporting activities.

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What Is Five Minutes with God?

How many of us have committed to a daily Bible reading program with the goal of reading through the Bible in a year, only to forget, fall behind, get discouraged, and give up? Sound familiar?

We all want to study the Bible more, but our busy lives and hectic schedules make devoting time to personal Bible study difficult. Likewise, every congregation understands the importance of Bible study and prayer in the lives of her members, and most have, at some point, attempted to implement some kind of daily Bible reading program, probably with disappointing results.

It was out of this dilemma that Five Minutes With God was born.

Five Minutes With God is a distinct and exciting approach to daily Bible reading. Instead of reading through the entire Bible—or even one of the testaments—in one year, Five Minutes With God focuses on shorter passages that encourage the reader to engage the text more intentionally and with greater understanding.

Each day’s Bible reading is accompanied by a devotional thought designed to help further clarify the reading and encourage deeper thought into the meaning of the passage. 

Five Minutes With God is now available in three distinct and engaging volumes! 

Volume 1: Walking with the Savior. This volume focuses on a study of the four gospels and leads readers on a journey through the earthly life and ministry of the Savior that will deepen their faith and strengthen their resolve to live for Jesus. 

Volume 2: Walking with the Early Church. This volume is a year-long study that covers the story of the New Testament church from Acts to Revelation, allowing readers to learn and be encouraged by the teachings and guidance that God has provided for the church in His inspired word.

Volume 3: Walking with the Old Testament. This volume is a year-long study through important passages of the Old Testament. By walking with and reflecting on these timeless stories, we learn how to walk in faith and obedience before the God of Israel.

Five Minutes with God in the Local Congregation

Five Minutes With God was developed for use as a congregational reading program. An important difference between Five Minutes With God and other devotional books is that this is not simply designed to provide encouragement or motivation for the reader’s day. Instead, these books are centered on the Scriptures and have the dual purpose of instruction and motivation. Its strong focus on the biblical text, along with accompanying thoughts, are carefully designed to strengthen the knowledge and faith of its readers—a goal  every eldership surely has for their flock.

Whether they are used for individual study or for family devotional times, these readings provide instruction and motivation for faithful living.

As an added incentive for congregations, these readings have also proven helpful as discussion starters in Bible classes, thoughts to be used in short devotionals, or springboards into sermons. The format and content of Five Minutes With God gives it the potential to be a powerful tool to encourage growth in your congregation.

What Others Are Saying

“Rusty Hills has provided an excellent resource with the book Five Minutes With God. It contains helpful daily passages to encourage Bible study without overwhelming the reader. Several members of our congregation ordered copies at the beginning of the year to use as a year-long devotional guide, and it has been a blessing to our church family!”

Andrew Phillips, Minister, Graymere Church of Christ

“Five Minutes With God is an exceptional devotional book. Devoted to the text and focused on Jesus, it’s a breath of fresh air every day. Brief but challenging, our church has loved using it.”

Jacob Rutledge, Minister, Dripping Springs Church of Christ