A Forthcoming Collaboration in 2018

I was invited by Benjamin Williams to contribute an essay to a book that’s due to be published in 2018. The premise of the work is to encourage preachers and academics who are frustrated with the Churches of Christ up to the point of considering to leave. We hope that we can, rather, encourage them to stay. The title of the work is Why We Stayed: Honesty and Hope in the Churches of Christ. You can read the publisher’s online catalog here.

Scot McKnight will write a preface to this volume, and Everett Ferguson will contribute an essay to it as well. In addition to them, I know only of three of the other contributors. For some, because certain names appear alongside other names, some of us may very well be branded positively or negatively. All I can say is that I was invited to contribute, and due to the nature of the overall work, I was pleased to do so.

As with any collaboration, I hope that this does good for those to whom it is aimed, but I fully anticipate some blowback just given the nature of our fellowship. I would hope that this is read not as a polemic against the church per se, but against that nagging voice that would urge that we abandon Christ’s church. Frustrations are certain to come when one works in the trenches, and the contributors to this work are fellow trench workers. I hope this will be a blessing to those who entertain it, and I hope that much good can come from it.

Steven Hunter (PhD, Faulkner University) is the preaching minister for the Glendale Road Church of Christ in Murray, KY. He's also authored several books for Start2Finish, and Classically Christian explores Christianity from a church-historical perspective. Steven enjoys reading books, drinking coffee, and is a practitioner of Goshin Ryu Jujutsu—a traditional Japanese martial art.