Lies Pornography Addicts Tell Themselves

Lies and pornography often go hand in hand. People who struggle with pornography deceive others into thinking that the problem doesn’t exist in their life. The greatest lies pornography addicts tell, however, are often to themselves. If you’re struggling with pornography addiction you’ve probably said these phrases before:

“I Can Stop Anytime”

This phrase is a common one among those dealing with all kinds of addictions. “I can stop anytime” allows the addict to feel like he/she has control when in reality the addiction took all control away a long time ago. This false confidence is dangerous because it turns your problem into something you believe you can manage on your own, without help from anyone else. This lie lulls you into thinking that you don’t need help, causing the issue to worsen more and more.

“It’s Not a Problem for Me Anymore”

This is a popular lie said by those who no longer look at porn. With the phrase “it’s not a problem for me anymore” I’m not referring to those who tell you it’s not a problem and continue to secretly look at porn (though some do). I am referring instead to those who finally win the battle over pornography addiction and lie to themselves believing they’ll never struggle with it again. Pornography and all the pieces that go with it (lust, masturbation, etc.) remain daily struggles. Does this fight become easier overtime? Yes, but it never ends, and the moment you lie to yourself and say that it has ended is the moment you give pornography an opportunity to trap you again.

“My Problem Isn’t That Bad”

No one thinks their issues are that out-of-hand until they hit rock bottom. It is extremely difficult to admit you have a problem, let alone admit that you can’t personally handle the problem. Nevertheless, porn is an issue that can’t be handled on your own; you need others who will hold you accountable. Pornography is a progression that gradually takes you closer and closer towards rock bottom. The sooner you realize that your problem is that bad, the sooner you’re able to stop the dangerous progression.

These lies are only a few that porn addicts tell themselves. Your problem is that bad, you don’t have control, and porn will remain a constant battle. The sooner we embrace these truths, the sooner you can get the help you need.


Jack Dodgen is an associate minister in Mannford, OK where he lives with his beautiful wife, Anna, and adorable son, Luke. He is also a Bible student, avid blogger, basketball aficionado, and music junkie.

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