Being Phoebe: How Women Served in Early Christianity

Author: Steven C. Hunter

  • Ladies’ Bible classes
  • small-group studies
  • 13 lessons with questions

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What CAN we do?

Told too often about what they can’t do, many Christian women wonder what they can do. In both the Old and New Testaments, Scripture notes the many marvelous works performed by women in service and praise to God without going beyond the biblical restrictions placed upon them.

In Being Phoebe, Steven Hunter offers an encouraging word to all sisters in Christ. In this 13-lesson study, he embarks on a biblical and church historical exploration of the ways women served in Christianity’s earliest centuries. In the process, Hunter underscores the manifold ways women have brought glory to their King.

About the Author: Steven C. Hunter (Ph.D., Faulkner University) is the preaching minister of the Glendale Road Church of Christ in Murray, KY and writes the Classically Christian blog for Start2Finish.


  1. The Head That Exalted the Rib
  2. She’s Got the Spirit
  3. She’s a Great Teacher
  4. She Has Done What She Could
  5. Wedded to Jesus
  6. The Lonely Widow Woman
  7. Sugar-Momma
  8. Deaconess
  9. Women Who Paid the Ultimate Price
  10. A Desperate Housewife
  11. Girls Gone Wild!
  12. How Far Did Christianity Take Women?
  13. Where Do We Go From Here?



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