Fit for the Pulpit: The Preacher & His Challenges

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Authors: Chris McCurley, Neal Pollard, Jay Lockhart, Jacob Hawk, Jeff A. Jenkins, Adam Faughn, Dale Jenkins, Kirk Brothers, Michael Whitworth, and Steve Higginbotham

Published: Dec. 31, 2013

11 chapters, 142 pages


“Who ministers to the minister?”

The man behind the pulpit is the communicator of God’s Word, the dispenser of heavenly wisdom that restores the fainting, encourages the weary, and motivates the determined. The preacher is a minister—a servant to God and to his fellow man.

But who ministers to the minister?

Preaching is a noble profession, and Fit for the Pulpit provides the wisdom and insight of a number of model preachers to help every man who wishes to share the unsearchable riches of Christ to serve with the greatest impact. We commend this book as a text for schools of preaching.
Phil Sanders, In Search of the Lord's Way

In Fit for the Pulpit, a host of preachers dispense comfort and counsel to their brothers in the trenches, men who often work in ministerial isolation as they seek to build up the body of Christ. Chris McCurley, the editor of this volume, has assembled ten different writers to cover a wide swath of material. In eleven chapters, McCurley and his colleagues manage to cover many of the areas wherein preachers need continual encouragement: time, relationships, discouragement, stress, criticism, family, finances, sin, attitude, and laziness.

The authors of Fit for the Pulpit manage to minister grace to the minister by using candid, captivating language. The variety of the text and the timelessness of the themes make Fit for the Pulpit both readable and relatable. This book makes a valuable contribution to the catalog of homiletical literature—a contribution that accomplishes much, helping to make men fit for the pulpit.


  1. The Preacher & His Time by Chris McCurley
  2. The Preacher & His Relationships by Neal Pollard
  3. The Preacher & His Discouragement by Jacob Hawk
  4. The Preacher & His Stress by Jay Lockhart
  5. The Preacher & His Criticism by Jeff A. Jenkins
  6. The Preacher & His Family by Adam Faughn
  7. The Preacher & His Finances by Dale Jenkins
  8. The Preacher & His Sin by Kirk Brothers
  9. The Preacher & His Attitude by Michael Whitworth
  10. The Preacher & His Laziness by Steve Higginbotham
  11. The Preacher & His Core by Chris McCurley

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have to admit I don’t give 5 star reviews often. However this book deserves it. It’s not very long, it’s not overly sophisticated, but what it is, is a very accurate guide to the normal mundain parts of preaching. I Would say that anyone thinking of going into preaching should read this. I also think that even established preachers should read this as a reminder to keep things on track. Plus there’s tons of good lessons that can be applied to people who aren’t preachers!

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