GROW: Children’s Bible Class Curriculum

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Complete curriculum for Age 2—6th grade.

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Many have commented, “As the Sunday School goes, so goes the church.” Teaching our children about God and the Bible is not only crucial to their spiritual maturity, but also a divine mandate from the Lord. Our kids deserve engaging, challenging, biblically-sound lessons that will help them grow to be like Jesus. But the cost of many children’s curriculum programs can reach thousands of dollars each quarter…

Until now.

Designed by Ashley Hudson for the Madill, OK church of Christ, GROW children’s Bible class curriculum will be available soon through Start2Finish. GROW offers curriculum for children age 2 through 6th grade. It was designed with small to medium-sized churches in mind.

With the GROW curriculum, you get 2 years of material for Sunday and Wednesday classes (208 lessons total) for each age group: ages 2-3, ages 4-5, 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, and 5th-6th grade.

Also included is a suggested class schedule, supply list, coloring sheets, and age-appropriate activities/crafts to complement each lesson. All the material for GROW is available digitally as PDFs—simply print off as many copies as you need for each class. All Bible classes and congregations are not the same, and we understand that. GROW allows teachers to customize crafts and activities that will best suit their specific classroom while maintaining simple, easy-to-teach lessons that are appropriate for each age group.

The first year of GROW will take your through the New Testament, and the second year will take you through the Old Testament. GROW takes unity in the church to the classrooms and implements combined classes for all age groups a few times per year, bridging the generational gap most congregations struggle with. The GROW curriculum is also designed as a block class system, allowing the first quarter of each year to be open to certain subjects that need to be studied. For example, the first year of your New Testament quarter will be over how we got the Bible. The first year of your Old Testament quarter will be over creation. In the future, you will be able to purchase additional block quarters for each year that will cover subjects such as the family unit, archeology and the Bible, and a special boys/girls unit on manly/feminine Christian characteristics—just to name a few.

When you purchase GROW, you will receive all the material for Year 1 of all 5 age groups. The curriculum will be available to you as downloadable PDFs. As an alternative, we can send you a USB drive with all the material for a very small fee. Your purchase will entitle you to unlimited reproduction rights within your congregation. A Pinterest board will also be available with craft and project ideas.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Nancy Cook

    I have enjoyed teaching this innovative curriculum two quarters, Acts one quarter and Galatians one quarter. The curriculum offers a fresh approach to teaching the Bible–not just the traditional “Bible stories.” The creative activities and life applications for children are easily understood on their own levels.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lauren Albright

    I enjoy the hands-on approach of this curriculum, for all age levels! One of my favorite things about Grow is the variety of the schedule to take place during class. I’ve experienced this both as a teacher and a parent of children using this curriculum. Children are able to retain the information they’re learning because of the medley of activities provided throughout the class session. In other words, they’re not just sitting, listening to a story, and coloring a color sheet! It’s also so very sweet to hear and see the children recite their memory verses. This curriculum is organized and simple, yet packed with Biblical certainty the children grasp!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Courtney Thomas

    I highly recommend the Grow curriculum. My busy schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of spare time due to a demanding work schedule and 2 young daughters. This curriculum requires much less prep time for each class than others I have taught over the years. Not only is it easy to teach, the kids enjoy each lesson and are eager to learn all they can from each lesson. I have had the privilege to teach ages 2yrs-6th grade with this curriculum and all the kids love the hands on, interactive lessons. If your congregation is looking to build a child’s faith and not just teach Bible stories the Grow curriculum does just that.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lynnette Haggerty

    If you are involved with Sunday school for the children at your church, or if you have children attending classes, I highly recommend this curriculum. It is very affordable for even the smallest congregation, and as someone who is using it to teach, I can tell you that you pretty much just have to show up. The content is great and the materials are all spelled out. Each week after class, I spend 5 minutes looking at the next week’s lesson and seeing if there is anything I need to bring. And the kids love it! I’m working with 1st and 2nd graders, and they are always eager for class and enjoy the activities. I also have children in 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades participating in those classes. They are always excited to show us what they did in class on Sunday! It really is excellent curriculum, and beneficial to children and teachers alike.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chloe Goff

    I love, love, love this curriculum! I thoroughly enjoy the hands on experience that it gives the kids. I have taught 2’s and 3’s twice now, and it is even very explanatory for their age. I always thought that it would be hard for that age to do hands on activities without making a huge mess or without it being a huge chore; but the activities are great and super easy and VERY creative. Today in Sunday school we talked about Jonah and the Whale. The craft involved a paper plate, googly eyes, and Jonah; soooo much fun 🙂 It is a very good source for the young ones, as well as the older ones! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lonny Goff

    Over the years I taught a few classes but it was always middle school or higher. One of the main reasons I didn’t teach the lower levels is because of the curriculum, I was always concerned with being prepared. This curriculum has made it so easy to teach. The lessons are prepared for an entire quarter and it has made it so much easier to teach. I have enjoyed teaching the younger children using these lessons. They are fun, educational and so easy to use. The kids enjoy them as well and I feel that they learn a lot.

  7. Rated 1 out of 5

    Susan Shepler

    Our small church ordered this curriculum based on the reviews and description, but were disappointed to discover, after receiving it, that it requires a great deal of work to implement and doesn’t meet the needs of our congregation. We consider it to be underdeveloped and overpriced as it requires huge amounts of teacher prep time and has too few age appropriate activities or teacher guidance for the lessons.

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