I Died Last Night

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Author: John Orr

14 chapters, 66 pages

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Where would your soul be if you died right now?

Chances are, it’s not what you think.

This is a fictional story of a leader in a conservative church as he takes his journey into eternity. Bible teaching, writings from early Christians and true events form the foundation of this story.

But this book is more about your affection than your direction, because what you think will determine your journey in the afterlife.

“This book has changed me forever! Each chapter scared me even more than the last… Now I mourn for all those in my past and I pray that I will never miss another soul.” — Pat (a Bible teacher)

“Don’t read this book before you go to sleep at night” — Larry (a Christian leader)

“It scared the Hell out of me, literally. It has caused me to take a second look at who I am and what I love the most.” — Dennis (a former missionary in Africa)

“I started and finished this book tonight. What a great reminder of how precious our souls really are. If you finish reading this book and you don’t think anything in your life needs to change, something is wrong.” — John (Amazon.com)

“God has used this book, along with all of the scripture used within, to open my eyes to the disgusting and terrifying horror of eternal damnation. The thought of spending eternity without Christ has always been frightening but to experience it through the conscience and person of the man described in this book has made me look hard at my life to see if I am really seeking and loving the Lord with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I can guarantee you will want to put this down. But I encourage you to keep reading it.” — Daniel L. (Amazon.com)

“Excellent book! It will cause you to stop and consider how you are living. Simple and straight forward, easy to understand and make application to your life. Look, stop reading this review and start reading the book!” — Don G. (Amazon.com)

“Challenging first-person perspective of details from scripture about Hell. A humble and not-so-subtle reminder to be faithful to God above all and know that we’re leading our families with us, wherever it is we’re going.” — J. Sparks (Amazon.com)

“This book will make you take stock. I can’t stop thinking about it. Where would I go if I died right now? What is coming next? Am I putting off doing the things I know I should be doing to make this life blessed and what comes next blessed as well? Mr. Orr’s terrifying little book has scared me into making some deep changes.” — Anna B. (Amazon.com)

“Very thought provoking. At times emotionally rough to wrap your mind around. Should be a must read for all.” — Connie C. (Amazon.com)

“I have read few resources that strike right to the heart like I Died Last Night does. I’d recommend it to everyone, Christian or not!” — Lee S. (Amazon.com)

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Glenn Brennan (verified owner)

    Great book, normally I do not read fiction. However this book has so much truth wrapped in it that I could not put it down. It made me do some soul searching and deep prayerful thought when I read it the first time. I know that the word of God assures us that we can know we are saved, but we must be living in accordance with its written ordinances. Great job, I would recommend to Christians and those that you are trying to teach.

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