Love Letters from John: A Devotional Commentary on the Epistles of John

Author: Dr. George Carman

12 chapters, 148 pages

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Love Letters from John is a devotional commentary exploring the many wonderful lessons found in the epistles of John.

These epistles emphasize the deity of Christ, walking in the light, how to conquer our sin problem, the need to love our brothers, and much more. The apostle John also deals with a group of false teachers, called “antichrists,” who denied that Jesus came in the flesh. Second John deals with the need to reject false teachers and separate ourselves from them. Third John gives comfort to faithful brethren such as Gaius and Demetrius while condemning arrogant Diotrephes.

The aim of this commentary is to challenge the reader to understand the meaning of the biblical text to John’s audience with a view towards understanding what those lessons mean to those of us living in the 21st century.

About the Author: Dr. George Carman is a graduate of the Sunset International Bible Institute and the Theological University of America. He has spent fifty years in local ministry and more than a quarter-century doing mission work across Asia. George and his wife, Hilda, were blessed with four children, thirteen grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.



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