The Hawk’s Nest: 90 Lessons for Faith & Family

Author: Jacob Hawk
Published: Apr. 22, 2014

90 chapters, 192 pages

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The American family is busier than ever; yet, many fail to realize that this chronic busyness has disastrous implications for the child of God. When schedules become overcrowded, private devotion and worship are the first responsibilities to be neglected. Countless Christians are distracted from devotion by constant worldly influences. God’s people need a place of solace and retreat from the strains and stresses of life—a nest high above the cares of this world to serve as a spiritual haven.

This little book of 90 devotionals by Jacob Hawk is crammed with biblical wisdom, wrapped in modern language, delivered in an intriguing package, and containing current applications. They are interesting reading for personal devotion, but they are something to reach for when on short notice you need an idea for a winning Bible lesson.
Robert K. Oglesby, Sr., Waterview Church of Christ

In The Hawk’s Nest, Jacob Hawk provides 90 short devotionals that assist us in refocusing upon heavenly things. Using modern illustrations, Jacob has crafted each section to be short and easy to digest, capable of reading in a matter of minutes. These lessons, great for both individual and family devotion, help rescue God’s children from the grind of life and rest them in spiritual security.

hawkAbout the Author: Jacob Hawk serves as the Pulpit Minister for Faith Village Church of Christ in Wichita Falls, Texas. He’s a graduate of Harding University and speaks at seminars and lectureships around the United States. In addition to his writing, Jacob has a burning passion to preach the gospel that he first discovered at the age of nine years old when he delivered his first sermon. Jacob and his wife, Natalie, have two sons, Hayden and Hudson.



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