The Last Minute: A Study of the Intertestamental Period

Author: Steven C. Hunter

  • adult Bible classes
  • small-group studies
  • 13 lessons with questions

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Between Malachi and Matthew is a span of at least 400 years. When we arrive at the Gospels, we read of Pharisees, Romans, and synagogues, none of which were present in the Old Testament.

The Intertestamental Period is one of the best commentaries on the first-century Jewish climate. The sects, institutions, and divisions of Judaism—not to mention the rejection of Jesus as Messiah—is given clearer understanding by knowing what took place during this period.

In this 13-lesson study of the period between the Testaments, Steven C. Hunter gives Bible students a window into the first-century world in which Jesus preached, was rejected, and crucified. The result will be a deeper understanding and richer appreciation for the New Testament world.

All Start2Finish Bible Studies are based on the English Standard Version (ESV) and guaranteed to be trusted, engaging, and convicting.


  1. Introduction to the Intertestamental Period
  2. The Rise of the Greeks
  3. The Rise of Jewish Sects
  4. The Rise of the Synagogue
  5. Getting Back in God’s Word
  6. The Canonization of the Old Testament
  7. The Apocrypha
  8. Jewish Antipathy Towards Gentiles
  9. The Emergence of Rome
  10. Theological Teachings
  11. Religious Expectations
  12. False Messiahs
  13. Why the Jews Rejected Jesus



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