The Son’s Supremacy: A Guide to Hebrews

Author: Michael Whitworth
Foreword: Dan Winkler
Release Date: Mid-2019

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The letter to the Hebrews is arguably the most perplexing book in the New Testament.

Understanding it requires familiarity with the Levitical sacrifices and Old Testament passages. Its method of argumentation can seem strange and difficult to follow. It abounds with ominous warnings about falling from grace and contains an odd cast of characters such as the mysterious Melchizedek. But for all of its confusion and mystery, one theme plainly unites the book: the supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The Son’s Supremacy will guide you passage-by-passage through the letter to the Hebrews. This first-century epistle will convict, encourage, and exhort you. Most of all, Hebrews will bring you to your knees in worship of your Priest and King.

profileAbout the Author: Michael Whitworth is the founder of Start2Finish and author of several works, including two award-winning books, The Epic of God and The Derision of Heaven. He is an avid landscape photographer, considers M&Ms his brain food, and is fond of large Mason jars. In his spare time, Michael loves reading and drinking coffee, watching sports, and spending time with his family and furry golden retriever.

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