Review: Big Hero 6


108 min.

Actors: Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, Damon Wayans Jr., T.J. Miller

Director: Don Hall

Animated, Action/Adventure

Rated PG for action and peril, some rude humor, and thematic elements.

Overview – 9.7

Big Hero 6 is a story about a brilliant boy named Hiro. Set in the futuristic city of San Franokyo (a oriental combination of San Francisco and Tokyo), technology and robots are somewhat common. Hiro is true genius having graduated high school at the age of 13 he has yet to truly apply his gift in any meaningful way. In an attempt to get into the same school his brother attends Hiro creates millions of tiny robots that can be controlled with the mind. However before he can enroll in the school his brother is killed and this sends Hiro into deep depression. When Hiro sees that someone is using his tech he wants to know why and connects whoever this man is with the death of his brother. Using his brother’s aid offering robot named Baymax, Hiro is determined to find his brother’s killer and save greater San Franokyo from his hijacked tech.

Positive Content – 10.0

Family values are stressed a lot this film. Being there for each other during times of crisis even there was no blood relation between them; family can be much more than just your brothers and sisters, mom and dad.
The themes of mercy, forgiveness, and sacrifice are used heavily throughout the movie.

Questionable Content – 10.0


Sexual content – 10.0


Drugs/alcohol content – 9.5

There is a part where Baymax is on low battery and I think the look they were going for was drunk.

Profane language – 10.0

A couple uses of “gosh” and “oh my goodness”


Disney has done it again! Although I am not surprised, coming out the same group that created the international phenomenon Frozen the year before, this movie delivers on all fronts. Action, suspense, heart wrenching scenes of love and sacrifice, this movie has it all. I am guessing that this movie will affect boys the same way Frozen did to girls. My son came out of the movie wanting to be an inventor when he grows up and yes, the Christmas list did grow by a couple items as well. And isn’t it just a coincidence that this movie released just seven weeks away from Christmas… Anyways, I absolutely loved the movie, it had parts were I was laughing out loud and action sequences that had both me and my six year old son pumping our fist in excitement. As if the movie itself was not enough, the short that preceded the move was one of the best I have seen! Looking for a great movie to see this holiday season? This is it! Get the kids together, get your friends, or even go solo, this is a movie everyone needs to see!

The thoughts, language, or beliefs of individuals portrayed or involved in the making of this movie do not reflect the beliefs of Strong Church team members or the site itself. We do not condone any unbiblical teachings, worldly ideals, or unsavory images depicted that may or may not have been in this film.

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9.7 Total Score

Positive Content
Questionable Content
Sexual Content
Drugs/Alcohol Content
Profane Language
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Chris Krotz is the pulpit minister for the Carlisle Church of Christ in Pennsylvania and a graduate of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. Chris is passionate about teaching God’s Word and making it apply to everyday life. Along with Jack Dodgen, Chris co-founded Strong Church in 2013.

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