Bethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth

Bethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth


Author: Michael Whitworth | Foreword: Paul O’Rear

Sometimes blaming God for our problems only blinds us to his providence.

We’re often told that life is a journey, one with many forks in the road. But no matter what path we choose, somewhere along the way every road becomes broken. The smooth pavement eventually gives way to a twisted path of bad decisions and broken plans easy street becomes a boulevard of broken dreams.

Out of the immense moral darkness of the Judges period comes a story of romance, redemption, and hope. The tale of Ruth has inspired countless generations. But Ruth isn’t the star in this romantic drama; center stage belongs to God and his providence. Naomi and Ruth traveled the Bethlehem Road one of famine, abandonment, grief, and loss unaware that the Lord had gone before them to redeem their heartache.

If you’ve been living with a broken heart if bitterness and disappointment have been your travel companions on life s road, then Ruth’s story will inspire and strengthen you for the journey ahead. More than that, it will bring you to your knees in worship of your Redeemer and King.

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About the Author: Michael Whitworth is the owner of Start2Finish and author of several works, including two award-winning books, The Epic of God and The Derision of Heaven. He is an avid landscape photographer, considers M&Ms his brain food, and is fond of large Mason jars. In his spare time, Michael loves reading and drinking coffee, watching sports, and spending time with his family.

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