Suffering & Comfort in Christ

Suffering & Comfort in Christ

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Paul wrote his own inspired memoir when he penned 2 Corinthians.

After enduring slander and criticism from some in Corinth who claimed to be apostles, Paul put his qualms aside and defended his commitment to Jesus and the church. In response to those who doubted Paul’s legitimacy, he proudly proclaimed all that he had surrendered and suffered for his apostleship.

In this 13-lesson study, Gary Hampton captures the passion of Paul and communicates the primary message of 2 Corinthians in a concise and focused fashion. Hampton presents Paul as he truly is—a spiritual father willing to do what is necessary to defend and provide for his children in Corinth.

About the Author: Gary C. Hampton has been preaching full-time since 1976 and currently serves the Siwell Road church of Christ in Jackson, MS. He has authored 19 books and written for The Spiritual Sword, Think, The World Evangelist, The Voice of Truth International, and the Gospel Advocate. Gary and his wife, Teresa, have two children, Nathan and Tabitha.

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