Who Is Like the Lord?

Who Is Like the Lord?


Who is God?

  • Is he a capricious landlord?

  • A compassionate grandfather?

  • A cruel tyrant?

  • A cosmic Santa Claus?

Instead of using the Bible as their guide, many people have concocted a god to their liking, creating him in their own image. Some have had skewed perceptions of God thrust upon them by others. Only Scripture infallibly makes known to us the personality and character of our Creator.

WHO IS LIKE THE LORD? explores the nature of God by examining thirteen of his attributes. Each one is considered, not individually, but as a critical part of the whole. As you are drawn deeper into the mystery of an incomprehensible God who longs to be known by his people, you will tremble at his holiness, stand in wonder at his power, and leap for joy over his love.

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