Spiritual Workout: Developing a Christian Lifestyle

At the beginning of every year I always make the same resolution: Get Healthy.  I’m what you might call a “husky” man.  I always have been and probably always will be.  My problem is not that I don’t like to work out, in fact I love going to the gym, grunting and getting sweaty.  My problem is that I like food.  I like all kinds of food at all times of the day.  Getting a belly full of almonds and Hot Tamales and chips & salsa and maybe even some leftover green beans right before bedtime just helps me sleep (I know…I have a problem…).  If anything this motivates me to continue to go to the gym on a regular basis because if I didn’t I’m sure I would transform into a large blob of a preacher.  So I keep going and I keep enjoying it.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get my diet under control and find those hidden abs.  This leads me to where I want to start this series.  

People have always told me my problem is that I am failing to maintain a fit lifestyle.  You know, things like portion control, cutting out sweets, low carbs, no dairy (No dairy!?!), and NO FAST FOOD!  I know all these rules, but my problem is putting them into action…because Hot Tamales just taste too good!

All kidding aside, it is said that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  I have seen the proof of this when I was able to monitor my diet a little better.  Without even working out, by simply changing my diet I was able to lose a lot of weight.  So how does this relate to our spiritual health?

The concept of LIFESTYLE is key to success as a Christian.  You can’t just go to worship twice a week and think it will have a lasting impact on your life.  Sure, you might get some impressive gains at first but you will eventually plateau.  The 80/20 rule for physical fitness, is very similar to Christianity.  Worship and Bible study should be a time of encouragement and learning to supplement what you are already doing in your daily life.  

So, do you feel stagnate in your spiritual growth?  Is gaining strength in your spiritual walk one of your resolutions this year?  Then start working towards that 80% in your daily life.  You don’t have to be a preacher to get this, you just have to want it.  If you really want it then you’ll make the time. Between reading, studying, praying, and having good discussions with fellow Christians you can get there!  Make good, spiritual decisions in your time away from the church building and you will see massive gains in the depth of your worship and learning experience.  

What are some of your thoughts?  

What are some good ways to grow that have worked in your daily life?

Chris Krotz is the pulpit minister for the Carlisle Church of Christ in Pennsylvania and a graduate of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. Chris is passionate about teaching God’s Word and making it apply to everyday life. Along with Jack Dodgen, Chris co-founded Strong Church in 2013.

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