The Prayer Life of Christ

Life can get so busy to the point that it is overwhelming. After my wife and I got married, we found that we are twice as busy as opposed to when we were single; because we are bearing each other’s burdens, attending to each other’s needs and are responsible for one another’s lives. Sometimes it feels like we have more on our plate than we can handle, yet we don’t even have children yet. And those who have children know how much of time and attention they consume; then there is also your career, the maintaining of your house, cooking each day, and paying the bills. With all these obligations we have to take on, sometimes our spiritual duties can be pushed to the side. It is tough when you get up early six days a week to go to work and still have to do the same on Sunday morning. It’s difficult to make time to study the Bible when you have been studying in class each day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. And we can face these same struggles when it comes to prayer.

Our prayer life doesn’t always suffer because of a lack of appreciation for it or lack of spiritual mindedness; but rather, we may sometimes be physically and/or mentally worn out because of a tiring and busy day. Being overwhelmed with life may consume the time, and consequently, the mental energy we need to pray. But a simple solution I would give you for this is to follow Jesus’ example and pray before you begin your day. As busy a minister as our Lord was, Mark 1:35 still says “And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.” The mornings were the perfect time for Christ to find privacy with God in prayer; because afterwards is when people would start coming out of their homes, businesses would begin opening, the streets would be busy, and Jesus would be busy as well. You read frequently of large multitudes following after Christ to hear his teaching, to be healed, to be cured or to be fed. During the daytime Jesus had his hands full on a regular basis, rarely having a moment for himself. So he took the initiative to get up extra early before everyone else to make time for prayer.

Don’t wait till after you are totally drained of energy and time to try and pray to God because it will be difficult to execute. Athletes will often wake up in the very dark hours of the morning to exercise because that is when their body is the most refreshed and rested to put themselves to work. In the same manner, our minds are the most fresh and mentally alert at dawn. Even though you made need a cup or two or eight of coffee to get going in the morning, it is still the best time to offer up a deep, intimate and long prayer. Try getting up early in the a.m., before you go to work, before you get dressed, before you wash up and offer a prayer to God. Give thanks for Him blessing you with another day, with the night’s rest. Pray for His favor as you take on the everyday tasks of life. Pray throughout the rest of the day, but pray also before the sunrise when you’re fresh and not as busy. You have no idea how much your day will improve by simply starting it off with a prayer. It will impact your entire approach and prospective of the regular tasks you will engage in. Let’s be like Jesus and make time for prayer.

by: Jon Williams

Jack Dodgen is an associate minister in Mannford, OK where he lives with his beautiful wife, Anna, and adorable son, Luke. He is also a Bible student, avid blogger, basketball aficionado, and music junkie.