What To Do When You Have Adware

You may not even know what ‘Adware’ means until you have to actually deal with it.

If your computer is having pop-ups fly in all over the place, window boxes you can’t click out of telling you to call a number because you may have a virus, you may have Adware on your computer.

Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software package which automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue for its author. The advertisements may be in the user interface of the software or on a screen presented to the user during the installation process. Adware may be tracking what sites you visit or what clicks you make. The term is sometimes used to refer to software that displays unwanted advertisements, i.e. pop-up windows that won’t go away.

Just like anything else, Adware can cause serious problems to your computer if left unchecked.

How does your computer catch this Adware cold? Just by clicking on the wrong thing. If you have kids, you might have already dealt with this. Even Apple computers care not immune to this, because it installs software through your browser that then annoys you to no end until it is properly and safely removed.

If you have this problem, I recommend AdwareMedic for both PCs and Macs. In several instances, AdwareMedic has proven itself to me to get rid of unwanted ads on your computer, because it doesn’t just stop the pop-ups – it completely removes and deletes the software and the folders it’s buried under on your computer.

Adware can be confused with viruses. Viruses are usually more malicious and may cause irreparable damage to your computer. Adware, on the other hand, is usually just annoying and can be removed with the right program. Gone unchecked, though, any program can become malicious.

It’s always important to educate kids on the dangers of just clicking everything while online. Make sure you educate your kids that if they don’t know what it is, then don’t click on it.

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Chad Landman is the youth minister for the Church Street Church of Christ in Lewisburg, Tennessee where he has served for four years. He and his wife Bonnie have two boys—Jacob and David. Chad writes about technology and Christianity on his website at chadl.co, and talks to other ministers and youth ministers about technology on his podcast called Ministry Bits. He speaks frequently at area churches using his Active Digital Parenting curriculum, now a weekly blog at Start2Finish.org.

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