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The people of God are hungry, starving for a deeper love for God, a more intimate fellowship with Jesus, and a greater understanding of the will of God. Every Christian has a burning desire to grow in the knowledge of God and to become more and more like Jesus, yet many don’t know where to begin. The people of God are lost in a sea of information, drowning in a steady stream of content that is neither God-centered nor Christ-glorifying.

What the modern church needs is a relevant and reliable resource to help guide them through the turbulent tides to the glories of heaven.

The mission of Start2Finish is to provide the people of God with trusted, engaging, convicting resources that will deepen their faith, help them mature in Christ, and lead them to a better understanding of the Word of God. As a multimedia initiative, Start2Finish produces digital and physical materials that are focused on increasing one’s faith. Books, podcasts, and daily articles are all produced with the modern church in mind. By creating content that is attractive, reliable, and edifying, Start2Finish provides the people of God with the tools they need to grow in their love for Jesus. Start2Finish offers:

  • Guides to God’s Word

  • Books on Timely Topics and Themes

  • Articles by a Host of Dedicated Writers

  • Professional-Quality Podcasts

  • An App to Connect Instantly

By connecting Christians with compelling content, Start2Finish offers a valuable service to the body of Christ—a community where honest conversation, dedicated study, and God’s love thrive. New Christians and seasoned saints alike will find material to nourish their souls and establish their hearts. Through Scripture—and through the portal furnished by Start2Finish—God equips his people from Start2Finish for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16-17).


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