Genesis 26-50 from Start2Finish

Genesis 26-50 from Start2Finish

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Genesis is a book of beginnings.

It introduces us to several biblical themes, including God’s authorship of life. In a world that blames the Creator for disasters and credits luck or karma for life’s blessings, God’s people need reminding that he is crafting a wondrous story of redemption and grace. Within Genesis, we are called to play the part of faithful children so that we might overcome this world and inherit the one to come. In God’s story, we discover how to live out our own.

Genesis 26-50 from Start2Finish is a 13-lesson adventure through the second half of Genesis and will help classes or small groups learn more about our first ancestors and the life of faith. In the process, important principles such as the curse of sin, the blessing of faith, and the providence of God will be affirmed.

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